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monkey’s can’t sell bananas – the stageplay

 Do you know why Monkeys Can’t Sell Bananas? Same reason why crack heads can’t sell crack. You’ll see as you watch this captivating stage play, surrounding the life of a high school teenager, who is fighting a drug addiction. All while raising his younger brother. Witness the rise, fall and redemption and see for yourself will Monkeys Can’t Sell Bananas.  

Meet The mcsb Cast

Noah Linnen As Kamar

 Kamar aka Kj is the main character, a senior in highschool. Star basketball player. Very protective of his younger brother. Loyal, naive and easily influenced.  


Dominick Burrell As Lil Kev

Lil Kev, is Kamar’s younger brother. He is unaware of his mother’s drug habit. He is witty and outspoken. 

Rodney Perkins As Earl

 Earl is Denise’s boyfriend and father to Lil Kev.  He is a drug dealer with a short temper. He has a thing for younger women. Lil Kev is his heart.

Jacqueline Parsons As Denise

 Denise  is the mother of Kamar and Lil Kev; she is a drug addict but wants to get clean for the sake of her children. She is argumentative and loud. She believes in the power of prayer.

Haley Sanders As Detective Dino


Detective Janis Dino  is the lead Detective. She is ambitious and believes in justice but she has a soft spot for Kamar.

Rell James As Rob

Rob is Kamar’s bestfriend. Rob is loyal but sees KJ as a meal ticket. He is also very protective of that meal ticket.

Alaceia Prince As Ebony

Ebony,  is Kamar’s girlfriend.  She is quiet and shy. She is remorseful for sleeping with Kamar’s bestfriend. 

William Turner As Detective Hamlet

Detective Justin Hamlet  is the partner of Janis Dino. He secretly has a crush on her. He despises Kamar and thinks he is a liar. He is always angry and up to something.

Ryan Clemons As B-Love

B Love, was Kamar’s best friend before sleeping with his girl. Pretty boy, very cocky with a nonchalant I don’t care attitude.

Catreece Johnson As Ace

Ace is Kamar’s friend, but cousin to B Love. Ace is only loyal to himself.  

Shantay Henry As Nicole

Nicole, is Earl’s girlfriend. She is sneaky, very conniving, untrustworthy.

Seni Frazier As Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey  has a quick temper and is very vengeful.