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Monkeys Can't Sell Bananas (Stage Play)








monkeys can’t sell bananas the play

 Do you know why Monkeys Can’t Sell Bananas? Find out as you watch this captivating stage play, surrounding the life of a high school teenager, who is fighting a drug addiction. All while raising his younger brother. Witness the rise, fall and redemption of KJ. Buy your ticket Today and see for yourself why Monkeys Can’t Sell Bananas.  

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Monkeys Can't Sell Bananas

A few bad decisions alter Kamar’s life in ways you would not imagine. Watch as his life quickly unravels. And you will see for yourself exactly why Monkeys Can’t Sell Bananas.

Good Cookies

An Urban Erotica which takes you on a journey into the life of a teacher having an affair with not one but two married men. And did we mention her ex-boyfriend, Psycho Sam, whose name says it all.

Introducing Rocca AKA Seni Marquis

Multi-talented is the best description….

A Man of many names, Rocca is a father, author, musician, scriptwriter, and his past life as a chef, hustler, server and felon, has all played a role in defining his many attributes which allow him to bring narratives to life via books, music and film.
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Monkeys Can't Sell Bananas The Soundtrack

by Seni Marquis | MCSB